Interface Systems Innovation Creation Laboratory . Clothing + Boat Design . Brand Management . Design Direction
Design, Technical, Technical + Emotional . Development . Coaching . Supply Chain . Production

Piers started his career as ‘Designer at Large’ with Patagonia in the 90’s and has since gone on to forge a path of innovation throughout the world of textiles, technology, sustainability, elite athlete, and technical sportswear.

He has led Design, Research & Development teams across the globe to inspire + turnaround both businesses and industries.

His product has won 3 Tour de Frances, raced around the globe as well as an been integral to winning more than 50 Olympic medals.

-Interface Systems Innovation Creation Laboratory-

High-end Fashion Garments
Technical Outdoor Clothing
Sustainable Fashion Product
Elite Athlete Interfaces + Equipment
Technical Textiles Wearables

Designing + Creating innovative performance enhancing technical products & commercial items.
…a peripatetic and prolific journey that produces both perspicacious + random products.